Top Notch Carrier is a Pahrump, NV based transportation company. We are located 75 miles west of Las Vegas, NV and also at the doors of the state of California. As professional transportation providers, our main goal is to be able to provide you and your businesses with the services you expect. We fuel on and deliver to with a touch of integrity, honesty, flexibility, and availability.

Our fleet is separated into three divisions: flat beds and step decks, reefer,  and dry vans. We run all across USA and Canada and our scope of services emphasizes on flexibility and availability. We understand that different products can require appropriate attention. Whether it is for secured service, like we do for Gaming Commission or time-sensitive, like we do for the oil industry; Top Notch Carrier can accommodate your products special needs.

A unique fleet of custom handpainted trucks and trailers

One of our interesting feature at Top Notch Carrier is that we own and run a fleet to be proud of. Every single piece of equipment is customized and handpainted, giving the fleet a very special look on the road. Have you seen one of us ? We might be the most unique fleet in the nation.

Use the following link to learn more about it: A unique handpainted fleet

We also take good care of our equipment, it is meticulously inspected and maintained in between runs by our own diesel mechanics.